Hako Creator`s Station

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Hako Creator's StationHako Creator's Station
Hako Creator’s Station, I was suppose to perform a Live Painting display in front of the store,
however due to time restraints I was unable to do it.



Japan Tour, March 2010

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Flight from Sydney to Narita

Sushi and BeerFirst Meal in Tokyo, Sushi and Beer

Sakura Hotel IkebukuroChecked into Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro and saw my Gallery Listing

Disney Land TokyoSecond Day, Disney Land Tokyo, Rainy and Snowing, Trying very hard to smile.

ShibuyaThird day, snow cleared and sun came out. Shibuya, busy and pretty.

Never ending city Never ending city madness

Vending Machines and Michael JacksonVending Machines and Michael Jackson

First Cherry Blossoms First Cherry Blossoms

Cherry BlossomsMore Cherry Blossoms in the sun

Yoyogi ParkIt was a very very cold day in Yoyogi Park.

Ueno Lantern MatsuriCherry Blossoms Lit up by paper lanterns at Ueno Matsuri

Buy Me.. http://www.gelaskins.com/upload/10329667/1267543119.jpg

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Early Animation Work – Staying at Home Music Video

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Staying At Home – Never Take Me Alive

This brings back memories, I made this in 2005 with Phil Jennings and Imogen Melliont, all just fresh out of uni.  Working on it on the weekends and night times after work for about two months or so. One of the first full projects put together under the Studio Canvas banner. Was insanely intense to work on, wouldn’t mind doing another.

CG Work on Discovery Channel, Man Vs Wild

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One of the cool things I worked on early last year. Making CG falling rocks and tentacle animation. This was done under the company Umeric.

Limited Edition Prints

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These are the prototype prints for Portrait of Belinda and Portrait of Imogen. Available soon.


Print run of 100, Fine Art Paper, Giclee Printing, 48x60cm print area, Signed and numbered.

Quick Website update http://www.canvas.net.au

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Started building the website portal for my artworks. Slowly working on it from time to time. I suppose it takes more than one day to create an empire.